Save Your Whiteboad From Ghosting!

I was recently watching the flawlessly produced 24/7 Road To The Winter Classic on HBO. The amount of ghosting (that awful smearing shadowy imprint left behind from a marker on poorly performing whiteboard) that the Red Wings head coach was dealing with on his archaic whiteboard was simply appalling. Every time he went to update his lineup on the whiteboard there was this shadowy abyss of nauseating dry-erase remnants. I implore you Mike Babcock, to refurbish your rickety old whiteboard with our one of our Stick-On Whiteboards. It truly is the ultimate solution for whiteboards that are no longer performing. Instead of having to deal with the hassle removing that heavy and cumbersome old whiteboard you simply apply our self-adhesive whiteboard over the existing surface, and BAM! It’s like a completely new whiteboard. In fact it might even be better than a completely new whiteboard because our dry-erase performance is actually superior to most rigid whiteboards. The surface of our Stick-On markerboards are like a soft velvet blanket of dry-erase excellence. You can feel the quality underneath your dry-eraser marker as it glides effortlessly across the blank expanse of the whiteboard plains. But anything can write on a whiteboard right? The real test is when you go to erase, dry-erase to be more specifically. Not only do the markers come off our adhesive whiteboards like butter dissipating into a hot pan but markings that are left up for literally MONTHS will dry-erase as effortlessly as the day they were written on the whiteboard. So don’t spend another moment tolerating the exasperation of ghosting on your whiteboard. You deserve a whiteboard that can keep up with your dry-erase needs. A whiteboard that is functional and aesthetically pleasing. A whiteboard that can stand up to the test of time and heavy usage with relenting to the pangs of ghosting. You deserve a WHITEYBOARD!

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