5 Ways To Turn Your Kids Room Into A Creative Paradise

Oh, how the time flies! It seems like just yesterday that you were painting and decorating your little bundle of joy’s bedroom for the first time, but now your kid has outgrown the mobiles and stuffed animal decorations that they once loved. It’s time to let your child explore their imagination by turning their bedroom into a creative paradise. Hand them over the decorating reigns, and you can discover what your child is truly passionate about - maybe you have a future artist or designer in the family!

  1. WhiteyBoard White Dry Erase Paint. Admit it, you used to want to scribble and draw all over your bedroom walls, but your parents never let you growing up. Well, now you can give your child the opportunity that you never had! WhiteyBoard’s clear dry erase paint will let your child go crazy embracing her inner artist, and she can erase her artwork and redecorate her room as often as she wants! It’s a great way to teach your child to express herself - if she’s ever feeling down or angry, encourage her to express her emotions through her wall artwork. You can also use it to help your child with her schoolwork - help her spell out some vocabulary words on her walls, so they can be the first thing she sees when she wakes up on the day of the big test!alt
  2. Handprint Canvas. Handprint canvases make for amazing and creative bedroom decorations - your child will love getting to make the artwork that he hangs on his walls, and years from now, he’ll love pressing his hand up against the canvas and seeing just how much he’s grown! It’s such a lovely and precious way to remember this moment in time, and if he ever decides he’s too old to continue to hang it on his walls, you’ll love moving the artwork into your bedroom to remember your little boy.
  3. Closet “Door” Curtains. Give your child more usable floor space to play on and decorate by replacing her closet doors with a nice curtain. She’ll be able to access her toys and clothes easier and quieter, and curtains will remove the risk of pinched or slammed fingers in the door jam. Closet curtains are also a great way to add color to a bedroom - let her pick out the color!
  4. Outfit Organized Dressers. Put several small plastic dressers in your child’s closet, and in each drawer, put one pre-prepared outfit. Your child will be able to feel like they’re creatively picking out their own outfit by selecting which drawer’s contents they are going to wear each day, and you can rest easy knowing that your child won’t be going to school in horribly mismatched clothes! After a while, your child will start understanding all on their own which pants go with which shirts, and they’ll develop a sense of style that you approve of.
  5. “Family Tree” Picture Wall. Use construction paper to decorate one of your child’s bedroom walls with a giant tree with several branches, and help him decorate it with framed pictures of his family. Let him figure out which pictures belong on which branches, and allow him to add a branch that holds pictures of all of his friends if he wants as well. Soon, one of his walls will be absolutely filled with pictures of all the people he loves and who will be there for him when times are hard.image

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