Inaugural Whiteboard Experience

Do you recall your first experience with a whiteboard? Maybe it was in second grade when you were starting to learn the mysteries of cursive. Perhaps you were advanced, and they had you all over the white board as early as Kindergarten. In any case, the whiteboard, the space for dry-erase, was the teacher’s domain. It was the realm exclusive to the only adult in the room. The teacher was the conductor of this educational orchestra; the dry erase marker was his/her batton. The whiteboard eraser, the same one used to play steal the bacon, was the great whiteboard restart button. It was an indicator of progress; once a subject has been covered to satisfaction, dry-erase capability allowed the teacher to start teaching the students a new symphony with one swift swipe. Now when you get summoned to display your skills on the whiteboard it’s a thrilling kind of anxiety. You’re now into that domain, in front of the class, all eyes on you. It’s time to shine. You grab the dry erase marker with confidence and trepidation. This is an exercise for your peers to see one of their own showcasing their abilities. It’s an effective teaching maneuver the employed that no doubt grabs the attention of your colleagues. You stare down that blank dry-erase canvas daring the teacher to give you their darndest. Boom, math question. You recall your learning, you’ve got this. You take the dry eraser marker, you can practically feel the power flowing from is erasable tip into your veins. The smooth glide of dry erase ink onto the whiteboard is an illumination sensation. So captivated by this inaugural experience with the whiteboard that the task almost becomes secondary as you feel the dry erase marker moving almost as if controlled by a different energy. As you step back to proudly display your work your need teacher gestures in congratulatory fashion as you bask in the glory of your performance. As you cruise back to your seat still the focus of adulation your teacher with one swoop of their magic dry erase want removes your work, creating dry erase space for the next noble candidate. For their sake let’s hope this whiteboard didn’t have any ghosting issues.

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