WriteyBoards: The Dark Side vs. The Light Side

WriteyBoard’s Midnight WriteyBoard goes Darth Vader, while the Classic WriteyBoard gets its R2D2 on.

WriteyBoard is excited to announce that there is a new Star Wars movie coming out! Just kidding -- we know you know. We’re just as excited as you are.

We WriteyGeeks want to know if our fans, friends and family lean toward the Dark Side or the Light Side. Vote on FACEBOOK to receive your discount!

THE LIGHT SIDE: discount Classic WriteyBoards, we will.

THE DARK SIDE: We find your lack of a Midnight WriteyBoard discount disturbing. So we'll discount it.

Head on over to our Facebook Page and comment on this post with your favorite Dark or Light writeyboard -- we’ll announce a discount code on December 18th (STAR WARS DAY!).


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