#DoNotErase Holiday Edition: 10 Great Whiteboard Drawings That Will Warm Up The Holiday Season

Happy Holidays From the Whiteboard Community

Enjoy our holiday edition of Dry Erase Drawings from the #DoNotErase collection. A hand-picked and holiday inspired collection of creative and artistic whiteboard drawings from the always inspirational whiteboard community. Which one is the best from our list?

#1 Happy Santa 

A photo posted by @respectthefett on


#2 Scooby Dooby Doo! 


#3 Merry Sithmas 


#4 Calvin & Hobbes 

A photo posted by Miguel (@emptyowe) on


#5 The Grinch 

A photo posted by Miguel (@emptyowe) on


#6 The Peanuts Gang 

A photo posted by Jess G (@jwhitg_13) on


#7 Godzillla Santa?

A photo posted by Liz Holmes (@dizzymizliz) on


#8 Feeling the Holiday Spirit


#9 Snoopy & Woodstock 

A photo posted by @claude.a.taylor on


#10 Don’t Stop Believing 

A photo posted by Emily Schacht (@eschacht) on


We hope this list will spark your creativity for the holiday season. Start sharing your own ideas with a WriteyBoard! Be sure to add to the #donoterase community and share this to someone who needs the inspiration!

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