#DoNotErase: 10 Amazing Whiteboard Art From Talented AF Individuals

Feast your eyes on some deliciously inspiring WhiteBoard art to get you through the dredge of winter. We’ve curated the below fun/funny/fantastic/amazing/beautiful pieces of art that will inspire you to get your very own WhiteBoard art game strong.

1) Having Fun with Faces 

Take a page out of this guy’s book to better express your ever-changing moods.

2) But First, Let Me Take a Selfie 

A photo posted by Chris Dietz (@cdietz05) on


Why not take a selfie? Everyone loves it, even Fallout 4!

3) Space Out

A photo posted by Connley (@connleysart) on


This piece makes us crave ice cream for some reason… and space travel, of course.

4) May the Force be With You

A photo posted by Mike Cooper (@seniormiguel) on


Here’s a little Star Wars art to rev your creative juices.

5) Unbelievable!

A photo posted by Mike Cooper (@seniormiguel) on


The amount of detail in this piece is simply stunning and demands your appreciation.

6) Foxy

A photo posted by Hannah Hayes (@otterly.arts) on


Great use of often-ignored, colored dry erase markers!

7) Stormy Waters

A photo posted by @manniac on


Let this piece remind you that storms, too, shall pass.

8) Banksy-ish

A photo posted by @manniac on


Inspired by the one and only street artist, Banksy.

9) Valentine’s Day Inspiration

A photo posted by The Void (@_kugeki_) on


Not into cheesy romance? Perhaps this Valentine’s Day heart is more up your alley…

10) The King has Arrived

A photo posted by @that_fvcking_guy on


Let Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. inspire you this Black History Month.

There are some seriously talented artists out there and we’ve barely even scratched the surface! Think you can do better? Show us! Let these carefully drawn-out pieces inspire you to be your very own WhiteBoard artist. Start by sharing WriteyBoard ideas by adding them to the #donoterase community.

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