Celebrate Stout Month!

Yum, yum, February is Stout Month!

The tasty dark brew is popular across the country with craft breweries dedicating the entire month of February to the love of the stout.

The enjoyment of stouts (and porters, for that matter) isn’t new. The dark and luscious brews date back more than 300 years and were the first to be brewed in huge scale with steam power and shipped around the globe. Guinness is arguably one of the best known stouts and most readily available.

How did the beer get so popular? In the mid 1800s the Stout was lauded as a health drink and a way to restore lost appetite by doctors. Not conjured up by breweries or pub owners, it was still heavily accepted and advertised by the makers of the drink. The belief led to the milk stout and the oatmeal stout, among others, designed to capitalize on the drinkable meal-in-a-glass.

Today, breweries are making coffee stouts, chocolate stouts, even oyster stouts (which are a lot better than they sound).



Looking for a new way to enjoy a stout this month? Try a stout float!


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