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Winter definitely take its toll. The snow, wind, gray skies, and difficult commutes can really dampen one’s spirit if you allow it. Well here’s a suggestion, don’t allow it! Kick winter to the curb (mentally and figuratively at least) and stay bright, chipper, and inspired this season – no matter what Mother Nature throws your way – with these highly inspirational quotes.

These whiteboard quotes are thought provoking, motivational, and easy to digest. Go ahead and eat them up! 


1) Be a regular Einstein


Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result – Insanity.


2) Confucius says…

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What he’s saying is, do something about it.


3) Martin Luther King Jr. for the win


Tell this to your haters.


4) Your daily weird


Better hurry before they run out!


5) Smart one, he is

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Let neither of these descriptors be about you.


6) Classic Audrey

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An oldie but a goodie. Bears reminding.


7) Hang in there, baby

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Perhaps the beautiful destination can be Bora Bora!


8) Life lessons

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This is what we all should’ve learned in Kindergarten.



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Get outta here if you don’t love tacos.


10) Under pressure

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Are you a diamond in the rough?


Feeling ready to take on the world yet? With these inspiring quotes, we’re certainly it! Got more words of wisdom brewing? Share now by writing and sharing your own ideas with a WriteyBoard! Be sure to add to the #whiteboardwisdom community and share this with someone who needs the inspiration! In a dreary winter like this… we bet it’s pretty easy to find someone out there in need of a bit of inspirational sunshine.

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