Five Homeschool Organization Hacks for Your Child

Homeschooling has been a popular form of education for children of all ages. Homeschooling provides parents with the ability to carefully control the curriculum that their child adheres to, while also making sure that they receive the care and attention that their children require. With that being said, homeschooling your child can be tremendously difficult, particularly when it comes to staying organized. After all, your child won't get to leave home in order to pursue their education. As a result, you are going to need to make sure that you keep your homeschool environment clean and organized. Today, we are going to walk you through several organizational tips that you can implement at home. From using a weekly whiteboard planner to changing the way that you store your files, you will learn how to maximize your storage capabilities. Are you ready? Let's get started!

Simple Homeschool Organization Hacks

Staying organized is about more than just having a place to set down your stuff. In order to stay organized as a homeschooling educator, you'll need to focus on how your environment enhances the way that your child learns. We already briefly talked about the weekly planner whiteboard and the file system, so let's go ahead and dig into the other concepts below. By the end of these five tips, you should be ready to get your homeschool environment maximized for learning.

1) Use a Whiteboard - Let's start by discussing the whiteboard that we mentioned above. A whiteboard planner can be the perfect way to embrace homeschooling while maximizing your organizational effectiveness. A giant whiteboard, complete with a calendar, can be the best way to visualize what you have planned for the week. Having this central organizational tool will allow both you and your student to refer to the board whenever there is a question. Keep multiple marker colors on hand so that you can switch between them in order to highlight specific courses, tasks, and objectives. Your whiteboard will become the cornerstone of your entire homeschool system.

2) Multi-Drawer Cart Organizer - If you talk to any new homeschooling parent, you are going to hear about the clutter that can start to appear. When you homeschool your kids, you must keep meticulous records of all their work. From homework to future tests and notes, you will need to have the information available when needed. Consider investing in a multi-drawer cart organizer. You can use this cart not only for the documentation but also for different tools that you use during class. A multi-drawer cart will allow you to sort your tools by the drawer while still being able to haul the cart around the house. If you want to make sure that your cart and the information inside of it is secure, consider purchasing a cart with locks on them. You can find carts that are tiny or large enough to take up an entire wall, so make sure you look for what you need.

3) Cubical Shelf Organizer - If you are homeschooling a younger child, you might want to invest in a cubical shelf organizer. Cubical shelving can be a stylish way to enhance the organization within your homeschool environment. Cubical shelving is popular in public school facilities for a reason. Why? Kids get to claim a cubical for themselves. They get to take care of their cubical and use it to store all their things. From their jacket and a lunchbox to their backpack and homework, their cubical will be a useful resource for the child. You can also use your cubical shelf organizer in order to sort materials for each class that you teach your child. Each specific cubical slot can house books, notes, or other school supplies that you will need to access during the school day.

4) Filing Cabinets - If you don't want to bother with a multi-drawer cart organizer, you can consider installing actual filing cabinets inside of your home. You can find filing cabinets of every shape, size, material, and price. No matter what, make sure that you get filing cabinets that can be secured. Your filing cabinets need to be accessible and easy to organize so that you can quickly reclaim important documentation. The further along you go in your homeschooling career, the more important documentation backup will be. As you no doubt know, the state takes an interest in how well your student is doing during their studies. Having all your important information secured and accessible can be a great way to make your life significantly easier. You can find filing cabinets at your local retail shops or even online, just be aware that you'll likely have to pay for oversized shipping.

5) Have a Dedicated Room - Most importantly for your organizational needs, you will have to have a dedicated classroom. Many parents who first get into homeschooling will fall into the trap that they can do it anywhere, at any time. That just isn't the case. While your child will be learning at home, they must still feel like they are going to school. Find a room in your home that you can dedicate purely to your child's schooling. This room needs to be outfitted like a classroom with a desk, chairs, storage cabinets, and the whiteboard that we have been talking about. This room needs to be kept clean, free of clutter, and organized. Having a dedicated schooling room will allow you to mentally prepare yourself to keep your space clean, organized, and ideal for learning. Your classroom doesn't have to be state of the art, it just must be good enough for your child to work in.

Many people tend to think that homeschooling is easy, but that just isn't the case. Homeschooling your child can be incredibly tough. Fortunately, you can make the job easier by paying attention to how you store, organize, and prepare for classes. Use our tips as a starting point for your organizational efforts.

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