How To Mark Things Permanently On A Whiteboard

You need to have an idea of how to use your whiteboard for permanent marking when you need to leave certain bits of information up for long periods of time. There are cool things for office workers that will make your life easier, and you should learn how to use a whiteboard more efficiently so that you can organize it in a way that makes the most sense to you.

1. Can You Use A Permanent Marker?

A whiteboard will not always accept a permanent marker. However, there is a way to keep the lines from a permanent marker on the board for a long period of time. If you use a permanent marker, you must let that line sit and dry for a while before it is actually permanent. When you draw over a permanent marker line with a dry erase marker, you will smudge the permanent marker if it is not dry. Because of this, you might want to try another method that will be more efficient.

2. A Multidimensional Board

You might try something like a stick-on whiteboard that has more than one surface to work with. The board might have a perfectly normal surface, but a section of the board might have a tacky surface that allows you to stick notes there. You could get a board that also has a cork surface where you can use pins to post any notes or reminders that you’ll need in the future. You can leave those notes on the board for as long as you like, and you can still use most of the board to write with a dry erase marker, erase what you have written, and write something else.

3. Tape

Tape may be a good choice for you if you would like to break your board up into sections. You can use tape to make the lines you need to write music for a music class, or you could divide the board into sectors for your calendar. You can use tape if you are trying to make a board for your sports team, and you could even use tape to make sections for each class you are working on. When you are done working on a project, just remove the tape. If the tape ever starts to peel, you can replace the tape with ease.

4. Use Paint

You might want to get creative with your whiteboard, and you can use acrylic paint to paint over certain parts of the board that you would like to decorate. You could wash off this paint if you truly wanted to, but most people will leave that paint on the board for future use. You might want to paint a sun in the corner of your board, or you could paint a design that floats across the top of the board. Whatever your preference is, paint is just one step that you can take. It will definitely make the board look a little bit more fun.

5. The Post It Board

The Post It whiteboard that you choose will give you a chance to pull post-it notes from the board so that you can write anything down that you need, stick it to the board, and remove it when you are done. The notes that you are using will be easy to stick to the board because the board was made for that purpose, and you can even draw around the notes when you are using them. Plus, you will find that it is much easier to organize the information on the board when you have designated spots for both the notes and the markers. The notes will stay up for as long as you want, and you never to need to worry about them falling.

6. Stickers

Stickers are another good choice because you can leave those stickers on the board for as long as you like. If you want to use the board for a calendar, you can stick up a number for every day of the month, and you can easily write around these stickers to get the information in the right place. If you want to keep the calendar on the board permanently, you might get stickers with the days of the week so that you can write in the numbers for the month when the month changes.

7. Magnets

Magnets are not permanent, but they are easy to use when you need to leave items up on the board for long periods of time. If you are buying a board, ensure that the board has a metal back that will help the magnets stick to the surface. You could build a calendar out of these magnets and draw around them with relative ease. Plus, it is easy to move the magnets if you are trying to alter the design of the board.

8. Will Your Board Ever Come Clean?

The board that you have purchased will come clean provided that you are using the right products to wash it off. Even though you may have bought it to apply permanent items to it, there may come a time when you need to wash off the whole thing. When you get a special board cleaner, you can remove most of the permanent marker easily. You can use soap and water to remove any gunk or paint, and you can start writing on the board after it is dry. Be careful with your cork board because it cannot get wet. The water can wear down the cork material and not allow you to tack things to it like notes or pictures.

There are a number of different options that you may use when it is time to mark on a whiteboard permanently. You can use everything from tape, paint, post-it notes, or cork boards to organize yourself and keep information posted at all times. And when it’s time to clean it all off, you’ll be able to do so with ease.

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