Homeschool Supplies: What's the best dry erase board for kids?

When it comes to homeschooling supplies, most families will say a dry erase board is at the top of the list when it comes to must-have items. This board can be used for a wide variety of purposes and makes homeschool organization much easier. However, what should a family look for when choosing a dry erase board for kids? What features are essential in this item to ensure the family gets the most benefit from its purchase?


When choosing a dry erase board for kids, make certain to get a portable one. As homeschooling families know, lessons can take place anywhere at any time. A family might find they bring the dry erase board along to soccer practice so the younger kids can do spelling practice while waiting for an older sibling. Others choose to use the whiteboard in the kitchen while making dinner to work on adding or subtracting fractions.

If the board is mounted in the ‘classroom’ or area of the home where most schoolwork is done, it won’t be used as frequently. However, a family might find they wish to have a board that can be mounted in the classroom and removed when it is needed elsewhere. Thankfully, there are boards designed specifically for this purpose.

For example, a person may choose a peel-and-stick whiteboard to be mounted on a moveable frame. This ensures the board can be carried from location to location with ease. For the ‘classroom’, the dry erase paint may be a better option, however. The family can choose a wall to transform into an oversized whiteboard suitable for a wide range of purposes. It’s all a matter of how the family unit chooses to incorporate the whiteboard into their daily activities.

Ease of Cleaning

Imagine using the whiteboard to practice spelling words each day. This item won’t be very helpful if the words from the previous day remain visible to the child as the board didn’t come completely clean. When comparing whiteboards, look to see how each board must be cleaned to ensure no items remain.

One problem a family may encounter is certain information might need to be left on the board for an extended period. For example, children may be learning to memorize a famous speech. To do so, the parents add a new line from the speech each day and the children are expected to copy and recite the new line along with the lines that have already been mastered. When the parent goes to erase the poem once the children have achieved complete memorization, marks may remain. Learn how best to deal with these situations and if there is a way to remove the marks completely.

Price may play a role in this. For example, an inexpensive whiteboard from the local dollar store might absorb more of the marker due to the inferior quality. Parents need to read reviews to make certain this will not be an issue. Be sure to do this during the yearly homeschool planning stages so the family isn’t scrambling to obtain a new whiteboard during a busy weekend because the old one has been ruined.


What will the whiteboard mainly be used for? Families need to consider this as well. If the dry erase board for kids will hold each family member’s schedule, for example, it’s best to choose a whiteboard that has been created. Many companies now offer a dry erase calendar to make it easy to put each person’s schedule for the day, week, or month. Others may offer a checklist that can be used to put a child’s assignments on the board each day. The child can then check off each assignment as it has been completed and the parent can see the progress easily when working with other children.

Each child may also benefit from having a small dry erase board for their personal use. This dry erase board for kids can be used for calculations when doing math problems rather than using paper for this purpose. It is also helpful when reviewing spelling words for the week, working on conjugations in language arts, or writing down important names and dates when reading a book. The child can then look up these names or dates and add them to an ongoing timeline, for instance.

Environmentally Friendly

When choosing a dry erase board for kids, make certain it is environmentally friendly. Although the use of any whiteboard will conserve paper, parents should try to find a whiteboard that will hold up when used by multiple children and one that can be recycled when it falls apart or is no longer needed. While this may not appear to be of great importance, many families find they feel more comfortable using an item that can be recycled or reused again and again. They know they are doing their part to protect the environment.


As many homeschooling families live off one income, the price must be factored into the buying process. However, this is one area where a family should not skimp as the whiteboard will receive a great deal of use. It’s better to spend more to invest in a quality dry-erase board than to have to purchase a new one each year. Fortunately, there are numerous options available to homeschoolers, such as peel-and-stick whiteboards or dry erase paint. This allows every family to choose the option or options that best fit their needs and their budget.

Once a homeschooling family sees how useful a dry erase board can be, more will likely be purchased. These items are so convenient as they can be used for a wide range of purposes depending on the needs of the child. They can even be used when the child needs to entertain him or herself for a short time. Simply let the child use the board to write a story, draw a picture, or come up with a game plan for an upcoming event. He or she will enjoy using it for something other than school when learning is part of the activity. The child simply does not realize this. Everyone wins in this situation. 

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