Top 5 Best Uses For Sticky Notes

There are often times in one’s busy life where they forget pertinent information from the day. Information that needed to be remembered and passed along or even information that should have reminded themselves that they had important things to do. This is where the need for a sticky note could make all the difference in helping an individual to remember important information. The valuable nature of sticky notes is only increased when you add the option of making them dry erase. The benefit of this is to be able to change what is written on the note without leaving scratch marks or erase marks. Here are five reasons that reusable sticky notes could save an individual time in the long run.

1. Schedule Keeping


It can be very beneficial to one’s busy life to keep a set schedule. One of the ways those schedules can adorn the walls and be maintained is by using sticky notes. This way, everything from after school activities to busy work meetings are displayed for individuals to simply glance at during the day. How could dry erase sticky notes be of an added benefit for this carefully planned out schedule? It would be by making those notes out of dry erase sheets. Easily change important times and places without having to crumple up the note and use a new one entirely. Imagine just being able to erase the error or a change the plans and simply write down the new time and place; the simplicity of post it dry erase could be endless in a busy schedule.

2. Fix Those Wrong Numbers


Taking down the wrong number while on the phone is an easy mistake that could happen to anyone. This can occur when either the person on the other line accidentally says the wrong thing or the ear to brain communication fails for a moment. This happens all too often when working in a busy office and hearing so many different phone numbers day after day. Not worrying about the errors and mistakes of handing over a post-it with many different cross-outs can be significantly reduced. By using dry erase post-it sheets, all that needs to be done is to erase the last message taken down and to rewrite it with the correct message. Instead of passing along those sticky notes that are a collage of cross-outs, dry erase notes can help to make it look like there was never a mistake in the first place.

3. A Hold In Place


It may not be a well-known fact, but many authors and television writers find themselves using sticky notes for things like writing down scripts and getting the beats of a book correct. For those ambitious folk who put their heart and soul on paper, it always helps to lay out what you’re looking at in order to assure that the events are happening in sequential order. Even if those using sticky notes don’t happen to be authors and television writers, those processes can be used for many other things as well such as knitting patterns or even when writing down steps for the next school project or paper. By laying everything out in post it dry erase sheets, the steps can be seen in full and even changed accordingly when they need to be by simply wiping away the old words and replacing them with new ones.

4. Student Savers


For many students, trying to remember all of the information that is dished out in class can be difficult. Trying to keep track of all of the assignments and beneficial information that will come in handy on the next test can seem like it is nearly impossible. This is where using a dry erase sticky note can come in handy. Jotting down the facts as they are presented by the professor will guarantee that when class is over, the important information will still be remembered. Once the student is ready to sit down and finally begin to go over the work and notes that were given out during the day everything will be accessible thanks to the help of the sticky notes. With dry erase sticky notes, they can be edited, changed, and reused anything that something is needed in class rather than leaving a colorful trail of scrapped notes to the trash.

5. Reminders Abound


As people get older, studies show that memory slips happen often; reminders are constantly necessary for those individuals who find that their memory isn’t as well off as it once was. Thankfully, sticky notes can be left in the wake for those who just can’t seem to remember it all. From making sure to turn the crockpot off after dinner to make sure to pick up bread and milk after work, these sticky notes can be used to leave the simplest of reminders throughout the day. With dry-erase notes, they can even be changed if something comes up and is no longer needed.

With these dry-erase sticky notes, the need for any excuses of “I just forgot” can be erased entirely. Use sticky notes to organize a day, remember important facts, and make sure that all co-workers and loved ones get that message that might have been lost in the shuffle. Life and note organizing can once again be easy and without all of the added hassle of having to use a lot of different pieces of paper.

With custom fitting, quick applications, and a fraction of the cost of a full-on whiteboard, these sticky notes are exactly what has been missing in keeping life well organized and maintained. For all of those notes that need to be edited and fixed, dry erase sticky notes are an easy answer to all posed problems. Don't go another day without dry erase notes to fix all problems.

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