Staying Organized During Uncertain Times

We have all had to adapt to new ways of doing things and adjust our routines in the wake of COVID-19. Whether that includes home life, work, leisure, or all of the above, the continual changes can feel overwhelming at times. Staying organized can be one of the best ways to overcome the sudden disruption to daily schedules. 

Some people have had to work from home and may continue doing so for the foreseeable future. Some are planning to return to work at the office or never even left. Others have played the role of homeschool teachers, and there are also those who are both teachings and working from home. Whatever your circumstances, Writey carries multiple solutions for staying organized, engaging in creative expression, and customizing your workspace. 

With the variety of products Writey carries, employees, parents, and business owners alike can quickly adapt to the ever-adjusting “new normal” of their daily lives. Free shipping within 3 to 7 business days on most products makes it easy to set up your new at-home office, store, or homeschool space affordably and fast. You won’t need to risk shopping in-person at a high-traffic store to get the products you require to keep going. With Writey, you can have high-quality organizational products sent directly to you while staying safe at home. Find out more about how you can adapt to your new normal below.

For Use at Your In-Home Office

Now that you are working from home, you need a quality desk to match your lifestyle. While working from the kitchen table may work for a few days, or even a few weeks, eventually a designated workspace will help your mind differentiate between “home” and “work”, making it easier to focus on your work tasks without getting distracted by last night’s dishes or the other responsibilities around the home. Writey’s Dry-Erase Desk offers the functionality needed to balance your new home-work life with a style that fits into almost any room’s décor. 

With a dry-erase surface, you can take notes while on a phone call, write reminders for tasks, and even entertain your toddler while you are on a Zoom conference without having to search for hidden scraps of paper every time. The premium, non-toxic branded Remooble cleaner makes cleanup a breeze so you can keep your desk at-the-ready for another day of fast-paced work at home. Even without the use of the dry-erase surface, the Writey Desk is suitable for many different at-home work environments

For When You Return to Work

Many businesses are beginning to call back their workers to the office, even if it’s just in limited capacities. With varying work schedules and social distancing rules in place, the office may still not seem “back to normal”. Under these circumstances, it is essential to stay organized and keep up with effective communication between team members in order to accomplish what needs to be done. 

A dry erase calendar can help employees communicate on which days they expect to be in the office, what they are working on, and reminders for due dates without having to speak face to face. A calendar in a communal workspace or even in an individual’s office can help support social distancing requirements, while still allowing for effective communication. 

Dry erase sticky notes can also help in this way for smaller or more personal notes. Plus, these have the added benefit of saving on sticky note purchases. At a time when businesses are looking to drastically cut down on expenses, dry erase notes may be worth it for the long-term.

Lastly, for businesses still heavily catering to the public, products such as chalk markers help quickly communicate messages in bright attention-getting colors. Is your store closing earlier than normal or operating under different days and times? Display these new times on a sidewalk chalkboard, storefront window, or a variety of other surfaces with versatile chalk markers. Want to communicate that your store requires masks today or that you are only allowing a limited number of people in at a time? Chalk markers can help! With the constantly changing requirements of both the government and corporate offices, chalk markers make it easy to quickly change signs and communicate effectively with your patrons.

Helpful for Homeschooling

With the uncertainties surrounding the next school year, many parents may be planning ahead now for another semester of remote learning in their homes. Even if schools in your area are reopening, you may still choose to wait to send your kids back until virus cases subside. A few products can help your home stay organized and make learning more fun and interactive while the kids are at home. 

A stick on whiteboard can help create a learning space anywhere, allowing students to work out math problems, write notes, or just doodle in their free time. Keep your kids on task and give their eyes a break from the computer screen with a simple peel and stick whiteboard or restickable whiteboard. 

Dry Erase Wall Paint can be a more permanent solution for school space, or even useful in a playroom as well. Chalk paint was all the craze a few years ago but came with some challenges for kids especially. Dry erase paint applies easily to a variety of surfaces, including wood, drywall, metal, and wallpaper. With dry erase surfaces, you don’t have to worry about a dusty or complicated cleanup routine. Simply spray and wipe down the surface for a fast and easy cleanup every time. 

Although the world may be changing rapidly every day and many of us were unprepared for the sudden changes, with a few organizational tools, we can manage our new normal and help calm the chaos. Dry erase products meet a number of needs in quarantine whether we are at home, in the office, or trying to play teacher. The best part is that they aren’t just useful for this season, but they may even become one of your favorite tools to use long after the pandemic ends.

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