WHITEBOARD ART: Things To Draw On A Whiteboard

#DoNotErase: 10 Amazing Whiteboard Art

 Halloween season is upon us and we’re definitely feeling the spooky vibes. Many thanks to our awesome #donoterase community for producing some ghastly, cute, and all-around impressive dry erase art for your Halloween viewing pleasure.

 Check out October’s top 10 things to draw on a whiteboard art below. If you like what you see and want to contribute, be sure to draw and tag your whiteboard art with #donoterase on Instagram and maybe your unique piece will be featured in next month’s post.

1) Oh Margaret…

 We’re not entirely sure who Margaret is, but we think she’s a gorgeous dame nonetheless!

2) Flower Baby

Một bức ảnh do @wrinkledbrow đăng vào

This is essentially Anne Geddes meets dry erase art.  

3) Happy Halloween

Have you ever seen cuter witches and ghosts? Definitely not an everyday type of question, right?!

4) Stacks of Cats on Books

Một bức ảnh do @whiteboard.daily đăng vào

Things To Draw On A Whiteboard

5) Sassy Witch

Một bức ảnh do Jules Eve (@graytoes) đăng vào

 She’s like the Jessica Rabbit of Halloween witches.  


6) R2D2 Done Right

 The impressive level of skill and detail here takes whiteboard art up a few notches.

7) Doggie Day Care Advert

Một bức ảnh do @aliamariedraws đăng vào

 Dry erase art makes work fun!

8) Stop and Frisk

Một bức ảnh do @le.pink.piglet đăng vào

Super simple but super cute rendering of Frisk from Undertale!

9) Get Cage-y With it

Một bức ảnh do Chris Dietz (@cdietz05) đăng vào

Luke Cage rocks. And so does this rendition!

10) All Work and no Play


Một bức ảnh do J-LA (@jennylaw7) đăng vào

Don’t be a dull boy like Jack here.

Are you feeling the Halloween itch, yet? Hopefully these artistic, innovative, and super fun things to draw on a whiteboard art motivates you to create some of your own art this Halloween season. Think you’ve got what it takes to create something equally as striking? Then show us! Share your own whiteboard art and WriteyBoard ideas by adding them to the #donoterase community.  


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