Your Monthly Dose of Wisdom From Fellow WhiteBoard Enthusiasts

September is coming to an end and for some reason, we’re feeling extra motivated! Blame it on the back-to-school season or the early onset of Fall… we’re not sure why, but this month we’re feeling all sorts of jazzed up and ready to take on the world!

Get on board and share in this extra oomph of motivation with us. We’ve posted our favorite whiteboard wisdom quotes below to help get you in the mood, too!. Indulge in these wise, motivating, and relatable whiteboard wisdom quotes.

Share the ones you love the most and be sure to tag your own sage whiteboard wisdom on Instagram with #whiteboardwisdom. If it’s funny, inspiring, and awesome, it just might make the cut! Check back in next month to see.

1) Show Some Attitude!

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Just make sure it’s a good one.

2) A Message From Our CrossFit Friends

Pretty sure this can apply to many non-CrossFit situations, too.

3) Cheers to Growing Old

Getting older sure has its perks!

4) Get a new P.O.V

There’s always a better view out there, find it.

5) Thanks Vince Lombardi 

We think he knows what he’s talking about so we’re going to go ahead and heed this advice.

6) The Glass is Half Full

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Choose positivity every time.

7) Exercise the Mind

You can’t listen with your mouth open.

8) In Honor of the Olympics

Let us all find the inner athlete inside of us, and train like Olympians.

9) Success can be Blinding

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Always strive to learn and work hard as that’s how true success is earned and enjoyed.

10) Dream Big!

Go ahead and be a little afraid. It will all work out in the end.

Month after month, you guys manage to keep churning out inspiration. We certainly can’t do this without you, our WriteyBoard community, and for that we thank you! Thank you for your seemingly endless amount of creativity and motivation that pushes us to do better. We love seeing what you’re up to and can’t wait for the next batch.

Share wisdom of your own by writing and sharing your ideas on a WriteyBoard. Be sure to add to the#whiteboardwisdom community and keep an eye out to see if your quote makesnext month’s list!

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